We’re looking for authors of Personal Finance, Business, Health and Property titles

Want to quickly become a published author and get exposure for yourself or your business?

We’re looking for authors to write short useful guides (roughly 100 pages or 10-20,000 words) as part of a themed series of books on topics that range from Personal Finance, Business, Health and Property.

These guides should help the reader figure out how to do something quickly (e.g. have a list of steps to follow), describe and explain the topic (product, regulations, procedures etc) in an easy-to-understand way, give the reader tips on how to do something better/faster/cheaper/more successfully and also tell them what pitfalls to avoid. The final magic ingredient would be to include anecdotes, case studies and stories of good and bad examples on your topic.

Author Requirements

Ideally you are a practitioner and/or have qualifications relevant to the topic.

For example:

For property topics you are a real estate professional (e.g. agent, analyst, lawyer, investor etc).

For personal finance topics you work in a finance-related field and/or have relevant qualifications such as CFP, CFA, CPA etc.

For health related topics you are health professional such as a doctor, dietician, personal trainer, nurse etc.

For business-related topics you either have direct experience in it (e.g. as an entrepreneur) or have related experience (e.g. as a consultant, accountant, service provider etc).

Authors who do not meet the above requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

You can write well, think logically, and are able to commit time to this project. On average our authors take about one month to complete the manuscript – it takes such a short time because the guides are concise and are in their field of expertise, and we provide you with an easy-to-use template that will get you started quickly.

Benefits of Publishing Your Book with Us

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of being a published author (nothing beats it!)
  • Build recognition and credibility for yourself and market your business
  • Help other people solve their problems
  • Establish an additional passive stream of income from your book royalties
  • You will be given one page in the book to advertise yourself or your business (worth $2,000)
  • We will help to market your book to our members and via our media outlets
  • Unlike some other publishers, we do not require any payment from you to publish your book. We underwrite the entire publishing process and it is risk-free for you

Title Ideas

The following are just ideas for titles – we are happy to consider any title that will be of interest to a general audience.

Personal Finance (“MoneyMatters Guides”)

  • Investing in Singapore Stocks – What You Must Know
  • How to Invest in REITs
  • Writing a Will to Protect Your Family
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Get Promoted Fast

Property (“Propwise Guides”)

  • The Commercial Property Buyer’s Guide
  • Renting an Office for Your Business
  • Renting a Shop for Your Business
  • Negotiation Secrets for Property Investors
  • The Singapore Landlord’s Handbook

Business (“BusinessDigest Guides”)

  • Small Business Accounting Basics
  • Starting a Business in Singapore
  • Small Business Tax Planning
  • Marketing Your Business Over the Internet
  • Getting Repeat Customers

Health (“HealthMatters Guides”)

  • The Asian Slow Carb Diet
  • Never Fall Sick Again
  • Good Sleep for Busy Professionals
  • The Healthy Hawker Food Guide
  • Keeping Your Kids Healthy

How to Apply

If you are keen to write one or more of these guides, please email us at publisher@aktive.com.sg with your CV/Resume (a link to your LinkedIn profile is fine too) and the title(s) you are interested in writing.

If we find that you are a good match for what we’re looking for we’ll get back to you with the details on the publishing process, and help to brainstorm the outline of the book with you.