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Publishing your book can be a very rewarding experience. Here are some reasons why to publish your book with Aktive Learning and what we are looking for. To get our Author Guidelines which includes information on the publishing process, how to get your book published and author royalties, please sign up in the form above.

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Why publish a book

• To enjoy the satisfaction of being a published author

• To build recognition and credibility for you or your business

• To help other people solve their problems

• To establish an additional passive stream of income


The advantages of publishing with Aktive Learning

• We maintain a close conversation with you during the editorial process

• We give you help and advice on your marketing plan, including getting reviews and media publicity

• We are able to publish your book in digital formats

• We have established distribution channels in Singapore and regionally

• We are able to get your book on to reach a global audience


What we’re looking for

• General interest non-fiction books that inspire, inform and help people

• Authors who have an engaging and credible voice, and a desire to market and sell their book

How to submit a publishing query

To see if your book is a good fit for us, please email a complete proposal to and include:

• What the book is about – its topic, audience, and purpose

• A description and size of the market for the book, including an analysis of competing titles

• An outline including the contents page

• A sample chapter or two

• A marketing plan on how you will publicize the book

• A description of your background and qualifications

Please note that we only offer a publishing contract upon submission of a complete manuscript.

Click here to find out how to quickly become a published author