The Student’s Guide to Life

The Student’s Guide to Life is divided into six parts of five chapters each, together thoroughly covering a student’s main concerns. Inside students will learn to:

• Develop a positive self-esteem
• Interact in a healthy way with parents, siblings and teachers
• Make new friends and build lifelong friendships
• Handle romantic relationships
• Excel in school without studying around the clock
• Set goals, manage time and achieve their dreams

Students have a tough time; sometimes they need a bit of help to get through sticky situations. This book contains relevant information to help young people understand and solve real-life problems by taking an action-oriented approach, and also provides encouragement and inspiration for the journey. It is a must-have guidebook for twelve to twenty-plus year olds.

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About the Author

Andrew K. J. Tan went on scholarship to Stanford University where he was a top student and member of Phi Beta Kappa (the oldest American academic honours society). He earned a Bachelor in Economics (Distinction) along with a Master in Management Science and Engineering in four years. While at Stanford he was head academic counsellor of a sixty-person dorm, and supervised a team of peer advisors, while also managing subject tutoring for the entire undergraduate community.

At the age of twenty-four he became Site Director of the Stanford Asia Technology Initiative, where he helped set up the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Conference in Singapore. Andrew is currently an investment professional at a global firm.

About the Book

Pages: 152
ISBN: 978-981-05-6973-4
Price: $14.90

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Reviews and Accolades

Popular Children’s Bestseller

“Written in an accessible, no-nonsense style and filled with anecdotes, this book is full of practical advice about everyday problems that anyone aged 13—or 30, for that matter—will find useful.”
– The Straits Times

“Finally, a guide for youths to navigate the tumultuous jungles of teenage-dom… also a useful tool for teachers and parents to understand today’s teens and their world.”
– Glenn Lim, Singapore Youth Award winner

“I could easily connect with the author. Being a teenager is never easy and thankfully, the book provides handy advice and survival tips. I particularly love how this book encourages its readers to do serious self reflections and trust me, I was glued to this book till its very last word.”

“Andrew’s indefatigable positivity and compassion for students shine through.”
– Adina Glickman, Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University

“With the typical young person’s impatience and short attention span, this 152 – page book is just about right in length. The tone is friendly: Author Andrew Tan stresses he’s no expert in life but just wants to share his experience and the lessons he learnt as a teenager. So he comes across as a wise, older brother offering suggestions – not solutions – to quintessential “student” issues including family, friends and BGRs (boy-girl-relationships). Reading this as an adult reminds me of the joys and pains of growing up – a useful guide for anyone dealing with the young.”
– Lifestyle Magazine

“Andrew pours candid yet practical advice to teenagers of all ages.”
– Teenage

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