Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus

In this book Singapore’s top trading gurus share their insights on:

• How they started and developed their trading systems
• The markets and instruments they trade
• Mechanical versus discretionary trading
• Fundamental versus technical analysis
• Where they get profitable trading ideas
• How they manage their risk and losses
• Their best and worst trades
• The top secret of their trading success

It costs thousands of dollars to attend any one of their seminars – but now you get the wisdom and advice of nine of them for the low price of this book. Do not miss this opportunity to learn and profit from the advice of Singapore’s most successful traders!

Here are the experts you’ll be hearing directly from in Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus:

SOSTG Featured experts

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About the Author

Alvin Chow is the founder of personal finance blog He became interested in personal finance at the age of 20. One of the most influential books that piqued his interest was Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. He bought into the idea of financial freedom and strived to reach that goal one day. Naturally, he became a keen student of investment and trading. He enjoys reading books and learning about the subject. He began trading in 2008 and also built up his investment portfolio in 2010.

About the Book

Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-981-07-0384-4
Price: $24.90

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Reviews and Accolades

Kinokuniya Bestseller

“I can feel Alvin’s passion and enthusiasm in learning about investing and trading in his writings, be it at his website or in this book. Thanks to his effort, we can learn from various established Traders in Singapore, leveraging on their knowledge and experience in trading. It’s certainly a book worth buying and keeping.”
– Dennis Ng, CEO of and

“Fantastic compilation of top trading gurus in Singapore! This book is certainly a well-researched traders’ guide which provides comprehensive insights into the world of stocks, forex, futures, and options trading! Great job Alvin!”
– Jonathan Quek, Founder of True North Asia and and Author of Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?

“There are many books about the psyche of traders, but hardly any that is based locally. What this book does is to allow us to see how traders think by asking some very succinct questions. It’s a very good and interesting read.”
– La Papillion,

“This book gives retail investors a refreshing perspective on how successful investors and businessmen plan and execute their investment philosophy and strategies. Interesting read!”
– Sam Goh Nai De, Wisdom Capital LLP

“Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus is a fascinating look into the minds of great traders. Alvin asks excellent questions that will help any trader who reads the interviews develop their own successful strategies by learning how profitable traders approach the market.”
– Tim Bourquin,

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