The Student’s Guide to Exam Success

The Student’s Guide to Exam Success is divided into five parts and illustrated with entertaining cartoons. Inside students will learn to:

• Succeed in school while having more free time
• Score higher points in any type of question
• Create a winning plan for tackling the exam
• Study for the exam in the most efficient and effective way
• Manage their time properly during the exam
• Minimize careless mistakes and boost their score

This books helps students maximize their grades with less studying, giving them more time to do whatever they want. Containing thought-provoking nuggets on why students have to take tests, and useful tips on efficiently preparing for and confidently tackling them, it is a must-have guidebook for any student.

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About the Author

Andrew K. J. Tan went on scholarship to Stanford University where he was a top student and member of Phi Beta Kappa (the oldest American academic honours society). He earned a Bachelor in Economics (Distinction) along with a Master in Management Science and Engineering in four years. While at Stanford he was head academic counsellor of a sixty-person dorm, and supervised a team of peer advisors, while also managing subject tutoring for the entire undergraduate community.

At the age of twenty-four he became Site Director of the Stanford Asia Technology Initiative, where he helped set up the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Conference in Singapore. Andrew is currently an investment professional at a global firm.

About the Book

Pages: 119
ISBN: 978-981-08-2860-8
Price: $14.90

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Reviews and Accolades

#1 Popular Children’s Bestseller

“Can’t understand how your schoolmates get to the top of the class? The Student’s Guide to Exam Success has the answers! Getting good grades isn’t just about studying hard, it’s about studying smart. Learn to score no matter what. There’s also a section on how not to lose marks on careless mistakes. This book will teach you how to manage your time and draw up study plans. Your friends will be wondering how you do it.”
– Teenage

“A scholar and top student himself, Andrew Tan shows he knows students all too well: Their problem is a short attention span. So, his book was conceived with the average teen in mind – it’s not verbose and the layout is easy on the eye. Andrew briefly touches on the before, during and after of exams, with chapters such as Succeed in School While Having More Free Time, Score Higher Points In Any Type Of Question and Study For The Exam In The Most Efficient And Effective Way. Don’t treat this as an ultimate study manual but rather, a compilation of tips and experiences by someone who’s been – there – done – that, and who has taken pains to make studying focused and less painful.”
– Lifestyle Magazine

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