No B.S. Guide to Property Investment

No B.S. Guide to Property Investment

If you’re interested in the unbiased truth about profitably investing in Singapore property, this is a must-read book for you. Written by a successful property investor who is not trying to sell you properties, structured investments, services, seminars or anything else, the No B.S. Guide to Property Investment covers:

  • How to Build Wealth Through Property Investing
  • Dangerous Traps of New Property Launches
  • Avoiding Being Scammed on Get Rich Quick Opportunities
  • Common Mistakes Amateurs Make
  • Working With Property Agents
  • Winning Buying, Renting and Selling Strategies
  • Where is the Market Heading?
  • …and much more!

Property Soul bares her soul in this book to teach you everything she has learnt about investing in property and how to maximize your chances of success. Read it now or regret it later!

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About the Author

Property Soul is a successful property investor who blogs at to share her experiences as a property investor in Singapore, and to exchange ideas with fellow investors on accumulating wealth through properties.

About the Book

Pages: 376

ISBN (Paperback): 978-981-07-9389-0

ISBN (E-book): 978-981-07-9390-6

Price: $29.96 (Paperback), $28 (E-Book)

No B.S. Guide to Property Investment Contents Page and Sample Chapter

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Paperback (hardcopy) version also available at all major bookstores and online

Reviews and Accolades

“Property Soul is true to her belief in giving unbiased views and useful recommendations to the public. Her book offers insights into the tips and traps of buying properties. She unselfishly shares her first-hand experiences and stories in property investment, with countless practical and proven strategies throughout. She is not afraid to take a contrarian approach, or touch on sensitive topics and openly expose hidden truths in the industry. An enlightening and enjoyable read that helps buyers make informed decisions. This is a must-read property guide for every aspiring or seasoned property investor!”
Dr. Dennis Wee, Chairman, Dennis Wee Realty Pte Ltd

“An extensive guide to the Singapore real estate market. It is a must read for those who are buying a property for the first time. In fact, even seasoned property investors will be able to pick up a tip or two from this book.”
Getty Goh, Director, Ascendant Assets Pte Ltd

“Property Soul offers wise advice to property investors. For many of us, her formula to earn, save and invest is the only way to financial freedom. Read her book. It may be a reminder or even a wakeup call. Success in property investment is within your reach.”
Rayney Wong, Lawyer, Property Investor, Author of bestseller Secrets of Property Millionaires

“A genuine achievement … No B.S. Guide to Property Investment is packed with the nuts-and-bolts of savvy property investment strategies. A fascinating mix of investment myths and practical strategies explored, including the complexities of the local property market. A book that leaves us wanting more.”
Gerald Tay, Professional Investor & Founder, CREI Academy Group

“The book is filled with real life experiences and honest sharing of strategies in property investment and provides readers a complete guide to it.”
SG Young Investment

“A good load of info and much better than those from seminars/courses. Thanks for sharing!”

“It is very rare to find a successful investor like you sharing your experience and thoughts. Love your writing style too – simple, straight to the point and it flows well!”

“It really is an interesting read, thanks! Great to have a guide with understanding of the local market.”

“Thank you for all your sharing. I find your book to be the best property investment book that I have ever read.”
Chee Hoe

“I highly recommend this book to all Singaporeans interested in building their wealth through property investing.”
Gerald, SG Wealth Builder

“This book is excellent for beginners, and also for those with a little experience under the belt. Experienced hands may find some information useful too….It is almost an encyclopaedia and is worth every dollar.”
Financial Bookwormer

No B.S. Guide to Property Investment  PDF E-book Edition $28   Add to Cart

Paperback (hardcopy) version also available at all major bookstores and online