The Ultimate Banker

The Ultimate Banker

The Ultimate Banker shows you the way to corporate success in the intensely competitive financial industry. If you want to make it to the top, it’s not enough to just work hard – you need to know how things actually work within the bank.

Why is this book special? There are lots of books out there written by people with limited track records and a partial view of a bank. This book was written by a banker who made it to the top in just six years, and covers what you need to know about:

• Getting a bank job and ranking up
• Investment Banking (including M&A)
• Wealth Management
• Trading, Sales and Product Structuring
• Asset and Liability Management
• Risk Management
• Back Office operations

Get started on your journey to becoming the Ultimate Banker today!

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About the Authors

Edwin Lim has more than 23 years of international banking experience spanning retail, corporate and investment banking, and has held the COO position with top European and Asian banks.

Dr. Kaiwen Leong is an economist, entrepreneur, and Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University with a Masters and PhD in Economics from Princeton University.

Edward H. Choi is a student in the Economics Department of Princeton University.

About the Book

Pages: 278
ISBN: 978-981-07-3333-9
Price: $24.90 (Paperback), $19.90 (E-Book)

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Reviews and Accolades

Featured in The Straits Times and Shing Min Daily
Kinokuniya Bestseller in Business category

“Edwin has taken a great deal of effort and artistry to produce an excellent book which covers all aspects of a bank’s operations. You can hardly put down the book, as he takes you through the maze and unravels the complexities of banking in a captivating way.”
– Chong Kok Kee, Chief Operating Officer, Several top Investment Banks with combined annual revenue of more than US$47 billion

“Hands down one of the best books out there on banking – I have never read a more interesting book. Kaiwen turns a typically dry topic into a something you cannot stop reading. You will not need another banking book after this one!”
– Tina Tian, Econometrician, American Express

“This book provides a refreshing lens to understand the banking industry, and provides valuable and sound advice. More importantly, based on a wealth of experience working inAsia, the authors highlight important Asian empirical cases, distinct from other books which are only focused on the West.”
– Dr. Ming Yang, Assistant Professor of Finance, Duke University

“Drawing deep into his immense experience, Edwin was able to distill a typically dry topic into its simplest form, keeping with his intent on reaching an audience new to the workings of a bank. Although simply presented, Edwin fleshed out for the readers the core functions of the different roles, and the essential qualities needed for success as an Ultimate Banker. He shares ‘war stories’ to entrench the principles he presented in the book. I will recommend this book to fresh graduates or folks seeking a mid career change into banking.”
– Marc Lui, Vice President, OCBC Bank

“One of the most insightful and interesting books I have ever read!”
– Kary Li, Fmr. Vice President of Operations, HSBC Data Processing

“Dr. Leong has created a masterpiece! No other banking book will ever be needed for fresh graduates and mid career banking professionals. It is an extraordinary book with solid content and a captivating angle about how to be the ultimate banker, be different and succeed in a bank. It shows you the secrets to accelerate your career to become a C-level executive. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to become an ultimate banker.”
– Florence Yee, Fmr. Associate Director, Crédit Agricole / Calyon

“This book contains a wealth of wisdom on how to rise to the top of such a competitive industry like banking. The advice is simple, yet insightful and practical, and is based on sound foundations combined with real life experience. I appreciate the manner in which the economic concepts are delivered in the book. Kudos to Kaiwen for having done an excellent job of making difficult economic concepts easy-to-understand and ready-to-apply. I believe that the book will save aspiring readers years of trial and error to becoming the Ultimate Banker! “
– Dr. Nguyen Duc Quang, Assistant Professor of Economics, Nanyang Technology University

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