Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis

Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis

ENJOYING MID-LIFE WITHOUT CRISIS shows you how to optimally manage your self, family, career and investments for a disaster-free mid-life and retirement.

Many people entering their mid-life are not ready to face the challenges of unexpected changes and lack the life mastery skills to help them deal with the problems that crop up, resulting in the phenomenon known as Mid-Life Crisis. This book will help you sail through mid-life with little or no crisis by teaching you how to:

  • Deal with re-deployment and retrenchment
  • Discover your unique talent and prepare yourself for a second career
  • Manage your family relationships harmoniously
  • Manage your investments and gain financial freedom
  • Enrich your body, mind and soul to stay happy and healthy
  • Become a mentor to help others achieve their dreams
  • Buy, rent and sell your property successfully

This book is essential reading for anyone in their twenties or older. Read it to get started on your journey towards a happy, successful life and be well prepared for an early retirement!

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About the Authors

Eileen Tan and Ui Wei Teck have achieved success in real estate and stock investments and are keen to share their knowledge and spread financial literacy.

About the Book

Pages: 90

ISBN (Paperback): 978-981-07-4823-4

ISBN (E-book): 978-981-07-4824-1

Price: $19.90 (Paperback), $14.90 (E-Book)

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Paperback (hardcopy) version also available at all major bookstores and for online purchase at MasterYourFinance.com

Reviews and Accolades

Read a review of Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis on BigFatPurse

“This is a complete guide revealing the facts of life that everyone has to go through. Wei Teck and Eileen have laid down the different aspects of going through mid-life crisis in a brief and concise manner, which makes it simple to understand and easy to read. Wei Teck and Eileen are themselves great examples of people who have overcome mid-life crisis and moved on to pursue their passion as well as to give back to society.”

~ Ms Patricia Hung

Business Owner, MasterYourFinance.com | HousingLoanSg.com | TradedEndowment.com

“This is a simple book about the simple things in life that are simply important. It is a book about balance and happiness and is meant for the hurried human at half time. This nugget of a book will warm any heart. You can read it quickly and ponder slowly over the deeper meaning that mid-life brings. Although it is meant for mid-life, it is a good read for all ages.”

~ Dr Daniel Fung

Chairman Medical Board, Institute of Mental Health Singapore, Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and Yong Loo Lin Medical School, NUS

“Very practical, real and encouraging. It is simple to read and one will be inspired to think about the next steps to take in mid-life.”

~ Mr. Steven Yeo, a friend in mid-life

“This book contains the distilled life experiences of the authors. They share their thoughts in a book infused with personal anecdotes, and written in their inimitable conversational and motivational style. Concisely written, it contains many nuggets of wisdom.”

~ Mr. Edwin Lee, Lawyer

“Eileen and Wei Teck are experienced property investors with a wealth of knowledge to share. Most importantly, they have a positive attitude towards life and they love people. I believe their stories in this book will inspire you to achieve greater things in life!”

~ Mr. Alvin Chow, BigFatPurse.com

“I certainly discovered practical wisdom in the various topics as outlined in this book. In many ways it can help us to endeavor in making the best of our life, for the rest of our life!”

~ Mr. CT Lim, an ex-colleague and dear friend

“I can relate to my personal life experience and it’s beneficial to ease mid-life crisis too.”

~ Mdm Haloyah Atan, a Volunteer friend

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Paperback (hardcopy) version also available at all major bookstores and for online purchase at MasterYourFinance.com