Making $1.7 Million in An En Bloc – Was it Location, Location, Location? [Reader Letter]

by Aktive Learning on June 19, 2018

We received the following reader letter in response to last week’s article Scrapping the HSR – How a Past FOMO Becomes Today’s Regret. In it our regular reader K shares her experiences on property investment and her “secret” for making $1.7 million in a recent en bloc.

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And now, over to K:

Dear Sir,

I am in complete agreement with Property Soul that you should not buy property based on FOMO. Property is a long-term investment and one has to be very careful when buying property.

I would like to share my experience on property investment and how one could make some decent gains.

I bought Normanton Park way back in 2002 right after the Dot Com crisis and before the onset of SARS. The property cost me $385,000 and I thought it was a bargain for a 1,271 sq ft apartment.

I didn’t have much cash then, so I borrowed $300,000 and paid the balance of $85,000 with cash.

I rented out the apartment for 16 years and just recently NormantonPark went enbloc and I got $1.7million for my unit.

The $300,000 which I borrowed from the bank was essentially paid off by the monthly rent I collected from my tenant. So that the apartment was essentially free to me.

One must be patient and invest for the long term torealize the gains.  Property investment is not about location, location and location. It is actually timing, timing and timing.




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