The Student’s Guide to Life – the new guidebook every young person needs to hip-hop through life

Presenting the new guidebook every young person needs to hip-hop through life.

1 Sep 2007. Students have a tough time; sometimes they need a bit of help to get through sticky situations. The Student’s Guide to Life – Essential lessons on love, learning and success by Andrew K.J. Tan was written to help them thrive instead of just survive, using minimum effort to achieve maximum results. This book from Aktive Learning contains relevant information to help young people understand and solve real-life problems by taking an action-oriented approach, and also provides encouragement and inspiration for the journey. It is a must-have guidebook for twelve to twenty-plusyear olds.

The Student’s Guide to Life is a handy 152-page paperback divided into six parts of five chapters each, together thoroughly covering a student’s main concerns. Inside they will learn to:

• Develop a positive self-esteem
• Interact in a healthy way with parents, siblings and teachers
• Make new friends and build lifelong friendships
• Handle romantic relationships
• Excel in school without studying around the clock
• Set goals, manage time and achieve their dreams

Andrew wrote the book at the age of twenty, wanting to share the life lessons he learnt struggling through his teenage years: “For years, I have been reading what people much wiser than myself had to say about leading life in a fulfilling and productive way. When I tried to apply their teachings to my life, some ideas worked and some didn’t. Some were too simplistic, others didn’t make sense. This book contains the ideas, tips and methods that worked for me.”

Andrew will also be sending out a free e-mail newsletter to both students/teenagers and parents/educators containing answers to their questions as well as interesting and relevant articles. They can sign up for this free newsletter at the Aktive Learning website

The Student’s Guide to Life is available for purchase online at

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