The Student’s Guide to Exam Success is reviewed in Lifestyle Magazine

The Student’s Guide to Exam Success is reviewed in the October issue of the NTUC Lifestyle magazine, which goes out to over 200,000 readers and is Singapore’s largest circulating monthly population.

A scholar and top student himself, Andrew Tan shows he knows students all too well: Their problem is a short attention span. So, his book was conceived with the average teen in mind – it’s not verbose and the layout is easy on the eye. Andrew briefly touches on the before, during and after of exams, with chapters such as Succeed in School While Having More Free Time, Score Higher Points In Any Type Of Question and Study For The Exam In The Most Efficient And Effective Way. Don’t treat this as an ultimate study manual but rather, a compilation of tips and experiences by someone who’s been – there – done – that, and who has taken pains to make studying focused and less painful.
– Leong Wai Kit

090930 Review of TSGTE in NTUC Lifestyle Oct issue

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