Presenting… Timing the Property Market

Timing the Property Market

If you’re interested in profitable property investment, you’d want to know the best time to enter and exit the market; the most attractive areas and projects to invest in; whether to buy residential or non-residential, freehold or leasehold, landed or non-landed… and you’d have many more such questions.

Timing the Property Market takes a deep dive into real estate data to help property investors time their property purchases for maximum profit and minimum downside. This book is split into six sections covering:

• Overall Market Analysis

• Non-Landed Residential Property

• Landed Residential Property

• Residential Areas and Projects

• Commercial and Industrial Property

• Finding Attractive Property Investments

Even seasoned property investors will learn a thing or two by reading this book, as it contains unique analyses not done anywhere else. By timing your property investment at the right part of the cycle, you can avoid costly mistakes that could set you back for years, and potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your net worth!


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