Presenting… Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis

Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis

ENJOYING MID-LIFE WITHOUT CRISIS shows you how to optimally manage your self, family, career and investments for a disaster-free mid-life and retirement.

Many people entering their mid-life are not ready to face the challenges of unexpected changes and lack the life mastery skills to help them deal with the problems that crop up, resulting in the phenomenon known as Mid-Life Crisis. This book will help you sail through mid-life with little or no crisis by teaching you how to:

  • Deal with re-deployment and retrenchment
  • Discover your unique talent and prepare yourself for a second career
  • Manage your family relationships harmoniously
  • Manage your investments and gain financial freedom
  • Enrich your body, mind and soul to stay happy and healthy
  • Become a mentor to help others achieve their dreams
  • Buy, rent and sell your property successfully

This book is essential reading for anyone in their twenties or older. Read it to get started on your journey towards a happy, successful life and be well prepared for an early retirement!


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